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Agrometal Ltd is an experienced manufacturer of brewery devices which could be used for making classical bottom- or top fermented, Pils and Bavarian, pale and dark beers.

We unite the traditional brewing technologies with the strictest hygienic requirements using the most up-to-date materials.Our company has worked out the procedure of production in small and medium sized breweries in which excellent quality beers can be brewed particularly for the local demands. We plan and carry out the breweries by using the most modern and efficient technologies.

We supply our catering and industrial breweries with the highest quality raw materials such as malt, hop and yeast.

Adjusted to our own constructed brewery you will get the licence and the technology of the registered “KELLERS” beer range. In this range we can provide pale and dark, lager and premium quality beers.


Industrial breweries

Equipments produced by Agrometal have long life.
All of them are compact and enviroment friendly.
Equipments are produced from stainless steel with reflecting surface.
On special demand equipments can be also delivered with copper housing.

We are certified by ISO 9001 and GOST-R.


Catering breweries

Always fresh beer.
Wide product range.
Impressive design.
Enjoy the atmosphere of the spectacular mini brewery
in the restaurants and pubs.


Production of "KELLERS BEER"

The brewing house of a small capacity KELLERS BREWERY
in Novosibirsk, Russia.



The fermentation tanks
of KELLERS BREWERY in Surgut, Russia.
Filtering of the finished beer.